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Comprehensive social media marketing services in Tamilnadu

As a well reputed social media marketing agency in the India, Exposure India can help you reach your target audience, build credibility and acquire customers through its skilled social media management services.

Strategy and Content Creation

As an experienced social media marketing agency, we define highly relevant and customised social media strategies for each brand to ensure their interactivity and community expansion.

Community Management

We build conversations with your audience, answer their queries and update them with all your latest activities in our comprehensive social media management package.

Social Advertising

Increasing your brand’s reach to potential customers through highly targeted social media marketing campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other channels.

Viral Campaigns and Videos

We are a social media agency, renowned for producing effective viral campaigns and videos with creatively embedded calls-to-action to help spread our clients' brand messages.

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Innovative and results-driven campaigns

Social media is competitive. You need to take a unique approach to grab your audience’s attention. As a creative social media agency, we come up with innovative ideas to interact with your potential customers and make things happen:

  • Unique concept and strategy for campaigns
  • Creation of content and custom graphics
  • Animated videos creation (script, storyboarding, music and animation)
  • Maximising your brand’s reach by involving influencers

Infographics, gifs and animated videos

Creating engagement for your brand lies at the core of our social media management services. As a professional social media company, we produce customized graphics, gifs and animated videos to put your brand's message across in the most powerful way.

  • Custom illustrations
  • Gifs and infographics
  • Explainer videos (2D Animations)
  • Live video coverage of events